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Height and distance measurement from Haglof
Vertex III Vertex Laser Electronic
Easy to hold steady for accurate results.

Strong and sealed Aluminium housing.

Omni-directional allows you to walk 360° around the transponder.

Large graphical display.

Superior Quality Swedish Design.

Only 1 1.5V AA-cell battery required.

Vertex III-60: fasten the T3 transponder to the tree at any height, walk a distance of your choice and measure up to six different heights on the tree.
With the new Reverse Prism function you are able to use the Vertex III on prism cruises as well. By selecting one of the built in BAF’s you are able to be at the tree and determine its minimum diameter to be included in the point. This function allows you the ability to Prism cruise on tracks with thick underbrush that you could not do with a standard prism.
Vertex Laser
Utrasound and Laser Technology

With the proven accuracy of the Vertex hypsometer and the advantages and speed of laser technology, this multi-functioning instrument is the only device you will need for your height, distance and angle measuring work.

Measuring tree heights and plot radius in dense vegetation and rough undergrowth - perfect timing for the Vertex! When sighting is clear and you need to measure longer distances, the Laser method is superior in speed and simplicity. Aim, press and get the results!

The pioneering technology makes field operation measuring work faster and more efficient than ever before, offering significant time- and cost savings, improving the result accuracy and increasing productivity.

For shorter ranges, in dense forest and with difficulties to target, the Vertex Ultrasound method is perfect to use. For longer distances with clear shot targets, the laser method is superior. The Vertex Laser instrument is the optimal instrument for any working situation!

The Vertex Laser is ideal for measuring out longer distances up to 400 meters/yards! With reflector you can measure distances as far as up to 900 m/yds.

The Vertex Laser is extremely useful for power line measuring work, where the power lines easily can be spotted and measured with the magnifying sight. Power line sags, borderline trees, heights, angles and distance cover it all with the compact, user friendly Vertex Laser.
Electronic Clinometer
A revolutionary technique allows you to measure the heights and inclination that you need, using an instrument so small, that you will never notice carrying it.
Electronic Clinometer
The New Haglöf Electronic Clinometer features your measuring results directly in a display, processed by the instrument, eliminating any risk of calculation errors.

Electronic Clinometer

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