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New Ideas

There are many different ways of coming up with ideas for a new product. One might start by identifying a gap in a market; or a need or problem that a certain group of people have for which there is no existing practical solution; or a new technology; or a new use for an old technology. Whatever the starting point, the process of turning an idea into a product, or set of products, requires certain questions to be answered…

Who is your target market / How is the market divided?
What benefits can it give them?
What do they require?
What do they desire?
What will it cost?
How / where will it be sold?
How / where will it be manufactured?
What standards must it adhere to?

SIBTEC Scientific have the skills and experience to answer these questions and create interesting and appropriate product solutions, please see design and development . We can take your idea through all stages of the design process, from concept generation, to prototype manufacture to full production.

We will be pleased to discuss any ideas with you in complete confidence. We advise you not to tell anyone about your idea unless you have a patent, or some other form of intellectual property rights, or unless the person you are telling has agreed to keep your idea confidential. Standard "non disclosure agreements" are readily available. We can provide one which can be adjusted to suit individual situations; or if you prefer, you can provide your own.

Please complete the enquiry form on the " contact us " page or telephone us on +44 (0) 1483 440724.

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