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Increment Borers
SIBTEC Scientific can supply both Haglof and Mattson increment borers.


The increment borer is the classic instrument for fast and reliable results when evaluating age, increment and soundness of trees. Increment borers are also used for decay check-up, pollution control, wood density, chemical penetration control etc.

Haglöf increment borers are available in a wide variety of sizes, lengths and core diameters for all types of wood and trees. All Haglöf borers are produced with high quality Swedish Steel with Teflon coating on the borer bit to protect against rust and resin and to reduce friction. The solid borer bit with a barrel shaped tip ensures an easy start and removal from the tree. The extractor is made with stainless steel and a hardened rubber cap. The variety of options of sizes and models of our Haglöf Sweden increment borers guarantees the exact borer for each specific application.

how to use an increment borer

CORE DIAMETERS: Haglöf standard core diameters are 4.3 mm and 5.15 mm (.169" and .200"). The large core diameter borers are mostly used for measuring the fiber length of wood and for quantitative analyses where larger samples are necessary. 4.35mm (.169) 5.15mm (.200) 12 mm(.500)

THREADING: Haglöf borers are 2- or 3- threaded. The 2-threaded borers are appropriate for hardwood.

LENGTHS: We make increment borers from 100 mm or 4" up to 1000 mm or 39". To obtain maximum bit penetration depth, the borer should be approximately one half of the tree diameter.

Product Specification CO100 Borer complete, 100 mm,4"
CO150 Borer complete, 150 mm, 6"
CO200 Borer complete, 200 mm, 8"
CO250 Borer complete, 250 mm,10"
CO300 Borer complete, 300 mm,12"
CO350 Borer complete, 350 mm,14"
CO400 Borer complete, 400 mm,16"
CO450 Borer complete, 450 mm,18"
CO500 Borer complete, 500 mm,20"
CO600 Borer complete, 600 mm,24"
CO700 Borer complete, 700 mm,28"
CO800 Borer complete, 800 mm,32"

CO100*-B Borer Bit 100mm*
CO100*-E Extractor 100 mm*
(*Specify length required, see above.)

If ordering increment borers with length specified only, 3-threaded borers with the standard core diameter of 5.15 will be provided. If other core and/or thread configurations are required, please specify as CO100-42 (100 mm borer with 4.3 mm core diameter 2 thread), CO100-52 (100 mm borer with 5.15 mm core diameter 2 thread etc.)

Large Core Diameter Increment Borers 2T
CO512 300 mm 12",12mm Core
CO812 450 mm 18",12mm Core
CO1512 800 mm 32",12 mm Core NEW!

Hardened Steel Bits The 3-threaded 5.15 mm (.200") core diameter Haglöf Hardened Steel Bits offer greater torque resistance and are ideal when drilling in hard and impregnated wood. Borer handle and extractor are standard Haglöf Increment borers. Selected lengths of hardened steel bits:
o CO150HS - CO150 mm 6"
Hardened Steel Bit 150 mm
o CO200HS - CO200 mm 8"
Hardened Steel Bit 200 mm
o CO250HS - CO250 mm10"
Hardened Steel Bit 250 mm

Increment Borer Chuck For reversible electric drills for sampling treated wood and lumber. Use together with hardened steel bits or Teflon coating standard core diameter 5.15 mm (.200") and two lengths 100 mm, (4"), 150 mm, (6"). Core into the sidewall to desired depth and back out the bit. The core will remain inside the bit until the next core sample taken.
Art no COCHUCK, Steel bit CO100ACB, CO150ACB

Coretax Sharpening Kit
To sharpen your increment borer, use our special sharpening kit. The Coretax Kit contains oil, two different sharpening stones where one is conical for inside sharpening and one is flat. Beeswax included used to protect the tip and for better glide.

Care Instructions
Always store the increment borer clean and dry to extend its useful life and optimal function. Cleaning can be done with a rag and light oil. Also see the Haglöf Sweden sharpening kit.

Order no. Length Core diam. Order no. Order no.

3 Threaded styles
4331 100mm / 4" 5.15mm / 0.202" 4331:1 4331:3
4332 150mm / 6" As above 4332:1 4332:3
4333 200mm / 8" As above 4333:1 4333:3
4334 250mm / 10" As above 4334:1 4334:3
4335 300mm / 12" As above 4335:1 4335:3
4337 400mm / 16" As above 4337:1 4337:3

3 200mm / 8" 4.3mm / 0.169" 3:1 1:3
4 250mm / 10" As above 4:1 2:3
3 300mm / 12" As above 5:1 3:3

40 200mm / 8" 3.8mm / 0.202" 40:1 40:3

2 Threaded style
905 500mm / 20" 5.15mm / 0.202" 905:1 905:3

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