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Sample Driver Reaction Meter Results

The graphic representation of results provides an excellent tool for identfying a driver's problem areas, and for communication between the driving assessor and the driver.

Braking Reaction Test

Braking Reaction Test - sample of results graph

The graph shows movement in the accelerator (green) and brake (red) against time. The test starts with the driver depressing the accelerator. After a random time delay a red light and buzzer come on (time '0' on the graph), and the driver must press the brake as quickly as possible. In this instance, the initial flat part of the green line shows the driver's cognitive reaction. At 0.27 sec the driver begins to release the accelerator - the green line starts to decend. At 0.62 sec, the driver has made the first significant touch of the brake - the red line starts to ascend.

Annotated figures:
Bt1= cognitive reaction time
Bt2= time to begin first positive brake pedal movement
Bt3= time to reach highest braking system band
Maximum force achieved

Steering Strength Test

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The graph shows torque applied to steering wheel (blue line for clockwise, black line for anti-clockwise), against time. The test lasts for fifteen seconds and starts at the drivers first touch.

Annotated figures:
St1= time to reach highest torque achieved
St2= 10 seconds after St1
Min Torque= the lowest torque to which the driver dropped after the highest torque at St1

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