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DmP (Digital microProbe)

Transforming the analysis of timber decay
from an art into a simple science

bullet point Test any type of wood
bullet point Identify decay and cavities
bullet point Determine extent of problems
bullet point Measure annual tree growth
bullet point Calculate density
bullet point Obtain detailed dendrochronlogy
bullet point Probe wood up to 1 metre in one go
bullet point Probes are any length up to 1m
bullet point Virtually undetectable test hole
bullet point No tools needed to change probe
bullet point DmP kit fits into compact briefcase

The SIBTEC DmP provides reliable non-destructive detection and analysis of decay in any type of wood. The DmP is a lightweight, battery powered portable tool that uses a 1mm diameter probe to penetrate timber up to 1 metre deep. The tool measures the resistance to penetration of the probe and downloads the resulting data in digital form for analysis.

The DmP is well suited to a wide range of timber decay analysis applications, including: tree safety, dendrology, structural timber surveys and transmission pole testing.

Leaving a virtually undetected test hole the DmP is powered by a rechargeable battery pack which can provide up to 100 tests, making it ideal for field work.

bullet point Use DmP with any computer
bullet point Connect to hand-held or laptop computer for easy field use
bullet point Store, compare and analyse results in any spreadsheet software
bullet point Add DmP results to databases
bullet point Produce reports with tabular and graphical data
bullet point 'Drill Control Centre' software allows data import into MS Excel

Digital Data Analysis

Distance, probe rotations and force are measured every 0.1mm and transmitted in ASCII format to a computer via the RS-232 serial connector. The graphing facility of any spreadsheet can be used to view and analyse the raw data.

Supplied with the microProbe is the 'Drill Control Centre' software for Win 95/98 which gives a quick view graph and transfers the raw data into Microsoft Excel.

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